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Dome Dummy Camera

The black Dome Dummy Camera looks just like the real Dome Surveillance Cameras that you see almost everywhere. It's a real Dome Camera housing but the camera isn't real. But the only one who'll know that is you! Because we put a realistic looking fake camera lens inside the dome so that nobody could tell this dome dummy camera from the real thing. And it is extremely easy to install and comes with a metal mounting bracket .

Dome Dummy Cameras like this have been shown to reduce crimes of all types,
including robberies and shoplifting in stores, muggings in building hallways, vandalism and many other crimes that could be commited in your indoor areas. Because this Dome Dummy Surveillance Camera looks real, any criminal would think that it is a real Surveillance Camera and would think that they'll be caught and maybe even be recorded by it, so they won't do it there. This is the lowest cost alternative to an expensive surveillance system.

Dome Dummy Camera

DM-DOML - $7.95


You see these indoor
Dome Cameras everywhere.
Do you ever think they're fake?

Only a dummy would bet on it!

• Real dome camera housing
• Realistic looking lens
• Metal mounting bracket
• Easy to install
• Base measures 3 7/8" across
• The dome is 2 3/4" high

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