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Fake Security Cameras With
Real Motion Detector

These motion detecting fake security cameras will deter intruders, shoplifters, and other criminals without the expense of a real security camera system. Because when the built in motion detector goes off, these fake security cameras actually start to move.

These fake cameras will remain still until someone passes by, then when they detect the motion, they will start to move back and forth and a red light will start to flash. And, to give it an even more realistic appearance, the video cable goes into the base, so it looks like it goes into the wall.

Not only will they never suspect that these security camera are fake, they'll think that somebody's somewhere nearby controlling them.

They each come with an easy to install, adjustable mounting bracket.

They move when they detect motion.
How many fake security cameras do that?

Motion Detecting Dummy Camera
A very modern,
very real, look

DM-MOTION - $19.95

A great fake security camera for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Requires 2 AA batteries (Not Included)

Motion Detecting Fake Security Camera
Fake Security Camera From Front
Very Small Size

DM-IDCAM - $12.95


Best for indoor uses, the small size makes it easy to place almost anywhere without intruding on your space.
Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

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Dome Dummy Camera
Classic Black Dome
White Dome Dummy Camera
Black Dome With White Base
Dome Dummy Camera With IR
Swivel Base and IR LED

Solar Powered Dummy Camera
Professional Look, Solar Cell on top
Bullet Dummy Camera
Standard Bullet Style
PTZ Dummy Camera
Expensive, High Tech Look

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